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Dhruv Govil
October 1st, 2020 · 1 min read

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted content on my main site and I’m really looking to refresh my portfolio site’s frontend to reflect who I am and my career.

Unfortunately that seems to conflict with posting my blog posts on there, especially my popular series on Python in film.

So instead of constantly battling to have it both ways on a single site, I’ve decided it’s time to just let both pieces be the best versions of themselves they can be.

So going forward, this place will be where I post all my musings, thoughts and other posts. The portfolio page will now solely be dedicated to my work and representing me.

The first order of business will be porting over content to this site.

This might take some time, as my old site is Wordpress and I am now moving to statically rendered website generators like Gatsby that power this website.

I’m moving to Gatsby for a few reasons as well:

  • I prefer writing in Markdown, specifically mdx. I can combine my custom web components much easier with the content as well.

  • It’s way more performant. I don’t have to mess with plugins to cache my sites etc on the server. I simply have my pages pre-rendered and random surges in post popularity won’t bring my site down as easily.

  • It’s much easier to port markdown files to other setups in the future should I want to.

  • I just want a change!

Anyway you’ll be seeing more content on here soon, though mostly just porting over and updating the old stuff first since it would be a shame to lose those resources.

Anyway, hope this site suits me better!

Cheers, Dhruv

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